Embroidery Care


Customer should supply artwork on disk or via modem. If artwork supplied requires typesetting, changes, touch-ups, or does not meet Promotional Resources Inc. specifications, we reserve the right to modify the artwork and charge accordingly. Custom artwork will be billed at $60.00 per hour.


Professional black and white mechanical and black mechanicals on high gloss paper make good camera-ready art. The following are not camera-ready art: Photocopies, pen and/or pencil drawings, Yellow Page or newspaper ads, business cards, letterheads, and raised thermographic printing. Although we can digitize these, the quality is only as good as the material you supply us with.

Electronic Art

Promotional Resources Inc. accepts artwork created in most professional graphic applications on either the PC or Macintosh platforms. For multicolor Logos, vector art created in Illustrator or CorelDRAW is preferred. CorelDRAW files should be exported as Adobe Illustrator format (ai) with all text converted to curves.

Include all placed image files and any fonts used. A hard copy along with the disk is highly recommended to ensure output match. For single color imprints, scans of camera-ready-art are acceptable as long as the original scanned resolution is at least 500 pixels per inch at actual imprint size.

For the photo image process, artwork can be supplied in any of the formats above as well as scanned graphic formats like eps, pcx, BMP, tif, and JPG. If the original scanned resolution of the art at actual imprint size is at least 200 pixels per inch.

Email art send to art@promotionalresourcesinc.net and be sure to reference the company name and PO.

Proofs Paper

$15.00 (black and white only).
Changes to actual proof are subject to additional costs. All proofs must be approved within 2 days of receipt or production delays may occur.

Embroidery Disks

For customer supplied disks, Tajima and Barudan FMC formats are accepted. Basic changes to layout can be made (i.e. delete a section or resize up to 10%). Resizing past 10% will require a new disk as will increasing or decrease in the thickness of specific sections.

Please note that customer supplied disks created for specific colors or fabrics may not be compatible with our products (i.e., previously done on hats may not sew well on bags). In cases such as these, a new disk may be needed.

To order Promotional Resources Inc. products by phone call our toll free number: 1-866-363-0177